The prodigy of a landscape that ceases to be it by the force of being undone. It is not a panorama that the eyes contemplate: it is an excess of nature. Absolute beauty.

This absolute beauty of the Douro deserves to be shared, explored, felt and appreciated. These are the characteristics that underlie the founding of WaterTravel, a river cruise company on the Douro River in Portugal.

WaterTravel is a nautical tourism company that offers touristic cruises on the Douro River, allowing the rental of boats, for the organization of cruises to your measure.

Although the history of WaterTravel is recent, its growth has been rampant, and the affirmation of an avant-garde and visionary attitude has put the company in a prominent place in the Douro region.

WaterTravel constantly seeks new challenges, new ways to offer its customers a product and experience of high quality and unforgettable.

We are proud to offer an exclusive and differentiated service, based not only on the ecology and modernity of our boats, but also on the elaboration of customized programs according to the wishes of our clients. We are always aware that the smallest detail can make a difference and for this reason we are committed to always ensuring a service with the highest levels of professionalism and dedication so that each trip in our boats is an experience of effective excellence.
You can relax at your own pace and enjoy all that the best our boats have to offer. Just go to discover the region and let yourself fall in love with the Douro!