WTClub intends to provide its customers, both new and habitual, with a new way of enjoying the river in Porto and Douro. Whether you are an experienced sailor who is fed up with the inherent property of a boat, or a beginner in the nautical world who just wants to visit the Douro River in fast and fun craft, WTClub is the right solution for all tastes and members.

WTClub enables everyone to step into the world of boating through an annual subscription. Members receive an allocation of points, which they exchange for days in one of our luxurious sailing yachts or powerboats, and enjoy more days and more time in the water. The annual subscription is paid up front, so over and beyond the subscription fee you pay absolutely nothing.

The boats are maintained by WTC professional staff, which ensures that your boat is going to be ready and in pristine conditions when you come down to sail away.

WTClub primer objective is to provide the members more time in the water enjoying the sea, leaving out all the hassles of boating like mooring fees, maintenance, insurance, tax, and repairs. Sound impossible…well it’s not!!! Leave the hard work to us!

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